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Virtual tours for Airbnb

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Step by Step: How to put a virtual tour on your Airbnb Listing

I've been asked a few times about how to get your virtual tour on your Airbnb listing.

After I finish shooting your listing I will provide you with a link to your 360 tour.

That link will look like this:

It also works with Matterport and iGuide Which will bring you to this below.

It's a little long, it uses up the limited amount of characters you're allowed to use in your Airbnb description, so I use to shorten that URL into this:

You can now customize your tiny URL, make it something easy to type

When you paste that link into your description guests have to copy and paste off the Airbnb website. The link won't be a clickable hyperlink.

  • On PC in the Chrome browser I got errors saying no hyperlinks are allowed in the description. I did not get the error in Mac Safari, IOS or Android Airbnb app.

If the guest is on the mobile Airbnb app they need to type that URL into a browser. As you cannot select or copy text in the mobile app.

Guests can type as little as this into their browser and it will lead them to the same place.

I like TinyURL because it doesn't mix upper and lower case letters, it makes it easier to type if you had to type it out.

Next you take that TinyURL and paste it into this QR generator:


*Using a Tiny URL also makes the QR code less complex, which makes it easier for a camera to read

Add website address or URL that you created above:

Upload an Airbnb logo, select remove background

Select colours and design something that you like

Then download it

I found when I uploaded the direct downloaded QR code to the airbnb listing it would be cut off when viewing the listing, so I open it in an imaging editing program to add some padding around the logo and I add "To view the virtual tour scan this code" on the bottom outside the code for some context on where the code will bring you.

Then when you upload it you can also write the URL again in the caption window.

Take that QR code that you have modified and put it into your Airbnb listing as the second or third photo (but not the 4th image, the "show all photos" button will block a part of the code) then if someone is savvy enough to point a camera at it they can be re-directed directly to your Virtual Tour!

When you're finished your listing will look like this this below, they can scan the QR code, type the TinyURL into a mobile browser or copy and paste the URL on a desktop.

*Notice the padding around the QR code, if you don't add that padding the top and bottom of the code will be cut off.

Then add the link to the image caption too, then it can be copied and pasted from a regular browser.

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Great info! Is this the same problem with VRBO? Is your workaround the same for VRBO? Thanks!

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