Virtual Tours & Digital Twins for Real Estate, Airbnb, Insurance & Restoration

Prepare for tomorrows customers expectations

HDR 360° photos of your hotel, Airbnb or real estate, listing will give potential customers a taste of what you offer, it’s a must have for driving customers to your business.
We offer tours on all platforms, iGuide, Kuula, Matterport, Zillow, Google Maps Street View

iGuide is an all in one solutions, quick to shoot, quick to delivery one complete package, virtual tour and measurements

We are the only company in the city that combines Kuula and iGuide tours, so you can have an aerial tour of a large property and enter the iGuide tour directly from the aerial tour.

Kuula custom virtual tours are created specifically for your needs and each photo is edited by hand to show each space in the best way possible we correct all the mirrors, windows and colour casts, now including drone 360 shots!

Matterport tours are popular because of the doll house and smooth transitions

We create a digital twin for you using iGuide RADIX Very useful for insurance, restoration or renovations




Kuula 3D rendered tour

iguide Calgary.png

Best for real estate

360 Virtual tour with RMS measurements for realtors.


Hosting fees:

$10/m after the first year


Turn around time: Less than 24h

Weekly analytics emails

Feature sheet creator

Measuring tool

Virtual Tour and basic floor plan:

Billed at measured square footage including developed basements

$166 500-1200 sqft 

$197 1201-1800 sqft 

$269 1801-3000 sqft 

Larger? Get a quote

RADIX low cost virtual tour for the insurance & restoration industry

Call for a quote

Kuula Calgary Virtual Tour.png

Great for Airbnb's and Hotels and businesses

Photos: Manual HDR, hand blended, removing colour casts and clear windows, for when image quality matters the most


Hosting fees:
$10/m after the first year


Turn around time: 36-72h

It takes longer because we manually edit everything and build a custom tour

Free Sky replacement, fixing grass, any additional photoshop work

*On request


Min charge $134

Billed by sqft:

$0.14 up to 2200sqft

$0.12 after 2200sqft

$2 each hot spot

Embed photos, web links or videos right in the tour

Now offering 3D rendered tours

Supply us your blueprints and a sample board and we can render 360 panos to be used in a virtual tour.

Matterport Calgary.png

For Real Estate

Photos: HDR in camera processing, cannot be edited*


Hosting fees:

$10/m after the first year

Turn around time: Less than 24h

$177 up to 1,000 sq.ft.
$198 1,001-2,000 sq.ft.  

$219 2,001-3,000 sq.ft.

$249 3,001-4,000 sq.ft.
$78.00 per 1,000 sq.ft. 4,000+ sq.ft.

$53 RMS generated by Matterport

$40 to submit to Google Maps Street View (businesses only)

$2 each Mattertag

iGuide Packages

Photos, Drone Photos, Virtual Tour & RMS Measurements

Small $269 up to 1200 sqft

Med $354 up to 1800 sqft

Large $439 up to 3000 sqft


Calgary city limits, no charge
ll photography outside the City limits is $0.52/km

Virtual tours & digital twins

Can you afford to lose 50% of your potential leads on a listing? Without utilizing virtual tour technology working in tandem with professional real estate photography, more than half of your potential clients won’t even consider starting the buyer’s journey. If you’re interested in maximizing the potential of your listing – and mitigating COVID-19’s disruptions to the real estate market – keep reading to discover what you need to know. COVID-19 has accelerated digital adoption by nearly a decade in just a matter of months. The result? If you don’t keep up with the digital adoption and transformation of your clients, or you’ll quickly be left behind. For those who want to be at the forefront of their industry – how can you exceed client expectations and the overall experience they’ve come to expect in 2020? One of the easiest ways is to partner with a real estate photographer who can create a professional virtual tour of your listing.

Why 360° Virtual Tours?


While 360° tours were once an optional avenue of promotion – the significant financial investment of homeownership in the middle of a pandemic still feels unsettling to many potential clients, with many buyers stating increased anxiety from not being able to determine the condition of a property and accurately judge a listing from photos alone. A professionally created 360° virtual tour is an effective way to relieve your potential leads from hesitation and present your property in its most accurate, physically impeccable – and most tech-savvy form possible. With recent data from the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report indicating that over 79% of home buyers are shopping for homes online, it's only logical to predict that number will grow as every industry across the globe moves towards greater digital aptitude.


Virtual Tours Aren’t Photo Slideshows


Your clients are tech-savvy and want the best experience while viewing properties. They want quality information, and they want it fast – with many depending on virtual tours to guide through the decision-making process.


To ensure your virtual tour exceeds expectations – and doesn’t come across as a mislabeled slideshow –ensure that your 360 virtual tour has the following:

  • A legitimate 360 view of the home 

  • HD picture quality.

  • Accurate showing of the home’s highlights – such as distinctive outdoor spaces and unique features.

  • The ability to pan 360 degrees and gain seamless views of different rooms.

  • Compatibility with a large variety of devices — desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.


Don’t Wait. Take Action.


Whether your potential buyer is a foreign investor, someone who can’t see the home in person due to the pandemic, or simply someone who is relocating, equipping your Calgary real estate listing with a virtual tour will provide them with the buyer’s experience they’ve come to expect when considering a property. As Canadian real estate portals have reported an increase of 500% in requests for virtual home tours since the pandemic has unfolded, and provincial restrictions are continuing to be everchanging, contact us here to safeguard the marketability of your listing with industry-leading 360° tours.


What To Expect?


HDR 360° photos of your Calgary real estate listing will provide leads with a taste of what you offer, it’s a must-have for driving customers to your listing. Custom virtual tours are created specifically for your needs and each photo is edited by hand to show each space in the best way possible. Discover why we're the leading photographer for custom 360° Virtual Tours for Real Estate, Airbnb, Zillow, and Matterport, by clicking here.


When you put your home up for sale, the goal is to get as much attention as possible. You want the MLS listing to catch the eye of prospective buyers, as well as bring in serious individuals, who are ready to make an offer. Adding a virtual tour like iGuide or Matterport on top of your photos and home description is another way to take the MLS listing to the next level.
The idea of a virtual tour is that you are bringing someone right into the residence. Rather than having someone flip through pictures, trying to guess what room they are in and how it all flows together, you do this via the tour. The virtual tour lets you take someone from the front door, into every room, and back again all in one shot. This type of tour can get your MLS listing additional positive attention and increase buyer interest.
Would it be awesome if you could give a prospective buyer a walkthrough of your home via the MLS listing? A 360 tour can help to accomplish this goal, along with the assistance of photos, and more. The great thing about a 360 tour is that it will get rid of the confusion around what room leads where.
Homebuyers want to know the layout of a residence. A virtual tour can help get them there. If you have a home layout you want to promote, make your mark with an MLS listing by utilizing this approach. Being able to provide a 360 tour of a home not only helps to give potential buyers an idea of the layout, but it also shows that you, as a real estate agent, are willing to go above and beyond for your clients.

If you are in need of virtual tour photography in Calgary, we would love to help, here at Virtual Tour Calgary Photography.

When was the last time you took a glance at what was available on the real estate market? When you look at real estate listings, what you typically see is a short description to go along with a few photos. When you go and see the property, though, it can look very different! How can you show what your property is all about to prospective buyers? Virtual tour photography may be the answer!
Virtual tour photography is becoming more common with real estate offerings. When you offer up virtual tours, you will allow prospective buyers to virtually take a walk through your listing. This is a great way to let them go beyond the pictures and get a sense for what the offering is all about. Virtual tour photography can help a real estate listing stand out and it can also lead to serious buyers taking the next step to do a physical tour.

Virtual tour photography is changing the real estate game for the better and if you have a listing that could use a virtual tour in Calgary, contact Virtual Tour Calgary Photography. Here at Virtual Tour Calgary Photography, we offer virtual tours in Calgary that are great for real estate professionals, as it is a new way to showcase a home for sale. It is also wonderful for buyers as they get a viewpoint from how it would be as if they were walking through the property.
The idea of virtual tour photography for real estate is to give potential buyers a chance to take a tour of the residence. If you have ever purchased a home, how many times have you gone to a crowded open house? It is difficult to look around, there are lots of people, and it is uncomfortable. Even with a private showing, potential buyers still need to take the time to go to the property itself. With virtual tour photography, not only do you give buyers the chance to take a tour from their computer, but you are also giving them the impression that you are someone who takes their business seriously.

When it comes to virtual tour photography in Calgary, look no further than Virtual Tour Calgary Photography.

We now offer RADIX iGuide tours as a low cost way to create a digital twin for insurance & restoration purposes.