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Real Estate Photography iGuide and RMS Packages

HDR Photography

HDR Photography

iGuide floor plan navigation_edited.jpg

iGuide /w RMS

Drone Photos

Drone Photos

iGuide Packages for Realtors

HDR Photos, Drone Photos,

Virtual Tour & RMS Measurements


$279 Apartments up to 1200 sqft

$349 Homes up to 2000 sqft

$419 Homes up to 3000 sqft

$489 Homes up to 4000 sqft

Call for up Larger

*Include basement SQFT if you want it scanned*


$33ea for Virtual Staging & day to night conversions

$100 Seasonal updates, sunrise and twilight highlight photos, Max 10 photos

$175 add-on for ~90s Vertical Social Media Video Reel


Calgary city limits, no charge
All photography outside the City limits is $0.55/km

Real Estate Photo Packages


These all you need packages are specifically designed for realtors in Calgary. 

All packages in include HDR photos, drone photos, industry standard iGuide virtual tour, RMS measurements

With the iGuide tour you will receive weekly updates on analytics, showing where your results are coming from.

Test drive this iGuide tour below, you can see the photos are embedded, along with the floor plans. All in one place. 

The iGuide report also includes a feature sheet creator and an embedding tool so you can create brochures to print and embed an all in one tour on your personal website. 

Real Estate Photos


When it comes to real estate listings, it is very common for the listing to have real estate photos of the exterior and interior of the home. Being able to see the real estate photos of the interior and exterior of the home allows potential buyers to see the condition of the home. It gives them an idea of what the layout of the property is. It can help to showcase just how beautiful their home is and highlight the unique features of the home. Real estate photos help potential buyers get a feel of what it is like to live in your home and ultimately play a big part in their decision making process.


In a competitive real estate market where your goal is to earn top dollar for your property, you need to pull out all the stops. Here at Virtual Tour Calgary Photography, not only do we offer real estate photography, but we also offer virtual tour real estate services. Our virtual tour real estate services are designed to provide the full story on what your home looks and feels like. These virtual tours real estate allows a would-be buyer to truly understand what living there will be like. You want them to notice the beautiful architecture, the stunning view from each window, and the expansiveness of the layout. Here at Virtual Tour Calgary Photography, we create virtual tour real estate that tell compelling stories that draw buyers in.


The fact is, people use the internet first to determine which homes to see. If your home doesn’t tell the story you want it to and hit the value mark in the potential buyer’s eye online, they will never step foot onto your property. With these beautiful real estate photos and real estate virtual tours like iGuide and Matterport, you can entice them in to see just what your home really has to offer. Let us tell the story of your home!

Professional real estate photography is a valuable investment for any property listing. Here are just a few benefits:

  1. Increased Interest: Professionally shot photos showcase the property in its best light, making it more appealing to potential buyers. This can lead to increased interest in the property and more showings.

  2. Faster Sales: Properties with high-quality photos tend to sell faster than those with poorly lit or unappealing images. This is because buyers are more likely to schedule a showing for a property that looks well-maintained and visually appealing.

  3. Higher Sale Price: A well-presented property with professional photos is more likely to fetch a higher sale price. The right lighting, angles, and composition can make a property look more spacious, bright, and attractive.

  4. Online Appeal: With the majority of home buyers starting their search online, it's important to have high-quality photos that stand out on websites such as Zillow, Professional photos will ensure that the listing stands out and grabs the attention of potential buyers.

  5. Agent's Branding: Professional photographs can be used to promote the listing agent or brokerage. This can help to establish the agent as an expert in their field and attract more clients.

In summary, professional real estate photography is a powerful tool that can help to increase interest in a property, speed up the sales process, and achieve a higher sale price. It can also be used to promote the listing agent's brand and help attract more clients.

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