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RMS Measurements for Real Estate

3 Options:

  1. iGuide virtual tours include RMS measurements

  2. Custom full colour RMS floor plans, hand drawn in CAD, call for a quote

  3. 3D rendered & furnished floor plans

Kyle does amazing work and create custom CAD floor plans for your Calgary real estate listings. We measure exact and provide you with a coloured detailed floor plan. Our team works on-site to draw vibrant, and floor plans for your real estate listings in Calgary. Make your listings stand out with colour coded precise floor plans. RMS (Residential Measurement Standard) compliant. We adhere to all RECA (residential) and BOMA (commercial), rules and guidelines.

All services are E&O (Errors & Omissions) insured.

iGuide RMS Floor plans

Custom full colour RMS floor plans

RMS Measurements Calgary.png

3D rendered & furnished floor plans


Learn about RMS from our friends at iGuide

RMS Measurements with iGuide virtual tour
Starting at $149

0-1,500 sq.ft. $149.00*

1,501-3,000 sq.ft. $174.00*

3,001-4,000 sq.ft. $199.00*

4,001-5,000 sq.ft. $214.00*

5,000+ sq.ft. $75.00 per 1,000 sq.ft.*

3D rendered floor plans

These colourful furnished 3D floor plans are $90 per floor

Check out our 3D render service too, photos and virtual tours available to show off your property that isn't built yet. 


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