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New pricing and packages for April 2024

  1. With the new City of Calgary Airbnb regulations for hosts to require floor plans we have created a stand alone floor plan service and a package that includes photos, floor plans, virtual tour and drone photos.

  2. We just implemented a 3-5% increase to pricing to offset the increase to living expenses.

The Virtual Tour Calgary Photography Difference

  1. Free drone photos, usually its a $100+ add on 

  2. Colour correction, the window exposure, white balance and colour cast are all done properly. You will be able to tell what colour the cabinets and floor actually is, and even see what’s outside the window!

  3. Detail & lifestyle photos, we get close up photos to highlight specific aspects of the home, it's not just wide angle photos from each corner, we use different focal lengths to tell a story

  4. We share some shoots on social media to promote your listings, we collaborate!

  5. We add drone 360 panos into iGuide outsides of homes and condos when appropriate, the perspective helps viewers understand the surroundings around the home

  6. Stock photos of neighbourhoods and specific buildings. We have hundreds of neighbourhoods on file, in each neighbourhood we collect stock photos of buildings amenities too, separated by building in each neighbourhood folder

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