Real Estate & Airbnb Photography


Real Estate Photography

Starting at $140

For Real estate or Short Term Rentals

  • Wait time: Less than 24h

  • Ownership: You receive full size copies

  • Shooting Technique: Hand blended HDR photos produce the best results, colour temperature matches throughout the scene, views outside of the windows are clear as day

$140 Studio & 1 bedroom homes

$160 2 bedroom 

$180 3 bedroom

$200 4 bedroom

$Call for larger

Airbnb Photography Program
Depending on size

​Professional photos for Professional hosts

  • Airbnb verified stamp: Yes

  • Wait time: 5-10 business days

  • Ownership: Airbnb owns the full size copies

  • Shooting technique: HDR as per the official Airbnb photography style guidelines


+ $10 Sky replacement, fixing grass, any additional photoshop work

+ $40 for Virtual Staging each photo

+ $Call Drone shots, have a professional licensed drone operator take photos or 360 photos

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