Real Estate Photography & Airbnb Photography

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Real Estate Photography

Starting at $135

Real estate, Short Term Rentals, Zillow, Hotels

  • Wait time: Next day for small and medium size jobs, up to 48h for larger jobs

  • You receive full size copies, you can with what you wish except for re-selling them

  • Shooting Technique: Hand blended HDR photos produce the best results, colour temperature matches throughout the scene

  • Windows can be adjusted to your liking, bright or clear as day

  • Pricing: *Include developed basement square footage

$135 500-1200 sqft 

$156 1201-1800 sqft 

$188 1801-3000 sqft

$240 3001-4000 sqft

Call for larger

Airbnb Photography Program
Depending on size

​Professional photos for Professional hosts

To go through the official Airbnb program you need to click here, the process will send us an email through the Airbnb system, when we are confirmed to be your photographer we will book a time slot with you to take the photos, when the photos are finished they will be sumitted to Airbnb for editing by their editors then posted shortly after to your profile. 

  • Airbnb verified stamp: Yes

  • Wait time: 5-10 business days

  • Ownership: Airbnb owns the full size copies

  • Shooting technique: HDR as per the official Airbnb photography style guidelines and editors


*Unofficially you can add a virtual tour to your Airbnb listing, click here for details


Virtual Tours
iGuide, Kuula and Matterport

Real Estate Videos Starting at $285

RMS Measurements Starting at $129


$42 for Virtual Staging each photo

$31.5 for 4 or more

$80 for return trip, seasonal updates, and twilight highlight photos

$20 for neighbourhood photos, green spaces, shopping centres, high streets etc. 

$75 3D floor-plans

3D still and 360 renders 

- We can now create 360 virtual tours out of computer generated renders for developers


Calgary city limits, no charge
ll photography outside the City of Calgary limits is $0.52/km


Photos & 360 photos (for iGuide and Kuula)
$73 for inner city homes

$105 for acreages and farms
*When booked with a photoshoot

Small iGuide Package


Up to 1200sqft

Photos, iGuide /w RMS

Package price: $253

Mid size iGuide Package

Up to 1800sqft

Photos, iGuide /w RMS

Package price $299

Large iGuide Package


Up to 3000sqft

Photos, iGuide /w RMS

Package price $395

Small Matterport Package


Up to 1000sqft

Photos, Matterport /w RMS

Package price: $339

Mid size Matterport Package

Up to 2000sqft

Photos, Matterport /w RMS

Package price $379

Large Matterport Package


Up to 3000sqft

Photos, Matterport /w RMS

Package price $427

Virtual Tour Calgary Photography Airbnb

Real Estate Photos


When it comes to real estate listings, it is very common for the listing to have real estate photos of the exterior and interior of the home. Being able to see the real estate photos of the interior and exterior of the home allows potential buyers to see the condition of the home. It gives them an idea of what the layout of the property is. It can help to showcase just how beautiful their home is and highlight the unique features of the home. Real estate photos help potential buyers get a feel of what it is like to live in your home and ultimately play a big part in their decision making process.


In a competitive real estate market where your goal is to earn top dollar for your property, you need to pull out all the stops. Here at Virtual Tour Calgary Photography, not only do we offer real estate photography, but we also offer virtual tour real estate services. Our virtual tour real estate services are designed to provide the full story on what your home looks and feels like. These virtual tours real estate allows a would-be buyer to truly understand what living there will be like. You want them to notice the beautiful architecture, the stunning view from each window, and the expansiveness of the layout. Here at Virtual Tour Calgary Photography, we create virtual tour real estate that tell compelling stories that draw buyers in.


The fact is, people use the internet first to determine which homes to see. If your home doesn’t tell the story you want it to and hit the value mark in the potential buyer’s eye online, they will never step foot onto your property. With these beautiful real estate photos and real estate virtual tours like iGuide and Matterport, you can entice them in to see just what your home really has to offer. Let us tell the story of your home!

Airbnb Photos

When it comes to showcasing your Airbnb, it is always a good idea to have an experienced, trusted professional Airbnb photographer helping you with photos. You may not realize this, but hiring a professional Airbnb photographer can do wonders for you. Having professional photographs taken of your Airbnb entices people to choose your Airbnb over others and they help to give potential customers a unique perspective of your home.


There are a few things that help an Airbnb photographer stand out. First of all, you want a photographer with ample skill and experience. The best way to know this is to simply look at the work that they do. Are the images clear and stunning? Do they capture the important details of the home in a positive way? Do they help to welcome someone in to explore what the property has to offer?


In addition to this, choose a professional that has the resources to create an appealing view for potential customers. It’s not only important for the photographer to capture the layout, but to also highlight the main features of the home.


If you are looking for an Airbnb photographer in Calgary, contact Virtual Tour Calgary Photography. As an Airbnb photographer in Calgary, we can create stunning images that will help you showcase your home, help you stand out of the crowd and help you get more bookings. Our team of professionals is available and ready to work with you to create outstanding images of your home. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.