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Everything You Need To Succeed

There is a lot to setup, why not have a professional guide you along the best path.

Not only will I setup your profile and listing I will also do professional photos of you and your space as per airbnb’s style guide so it matches the look of other listings

About me: I’ve been an Airbnb photographer for 8 years, I’ve taken photos of over 500 spaces.

My wife Iliana and myself have been hosts for over 3+ years now in Sunalta. We’ve been super hosts for 14 consecutive quarters and currently hold a solid 5 star rating.

This is a 3 step process

1. Prep meeting

– Creating an account, setting up the profile, writing a profile that connects you to potential guests

– Create listing, assisting you in writing details about the space

– Provide check lists for completing the profile and preparing your space for a photoshoot then guests

– Assist with all the configuration details

– Provide check list for property including what to buy for the home, what rules you should state, what you need to stock for consumables and an example check sheet for your cleaner

– Use 3rd party tools to analyze pricing of other listings in your area that compare to yours, setup calendar rules and best practices that will help you maximize your income

– Advise on 3rd party services to help automate messaging, pricing and cleaning

– Set you up to become a Superhost immediately 

– Advise on taxes and insurance best practices

– Discuss what to expect and answer any questions

2. Shoot and finish setup of profile 

– I will provide professional photos including overviews of each room as well as detailed up close shots of specific features

– A head shot of you and your co-host

– Setup remote access so we can work together on future configuration changes

- I can also create a virtual tour for your listing


3. Upload photos, finalize any outstanding configurations and take the listing online

– Setup automated messaging and advise on how and when to message guests

– Discuss additional services such as creating checkin info emails and info sheets for your space

– I can also configure and setup your wireless devices, wifi door locks and doorbells too

– Duplicate key fobs or access tags if needed

– Setup mobile devices to log into the service

New listing

Consultation and configuration

Starting at $900

Turn key startup

  • Create profile

  • Create listing

  • Configure listing

  • Check in details

  • Sync calendar on your PC & Phone

  • Info sheet

  • Configure Wifi

  • Setup message templates

  • 20+ Photos

  • Optional virtual tour

Existing listing

Update and consultation

Hourly $80/h

  • Updated photos

  • Optional virtual tour

  • Tour your listing and advise on best practices and updates

  • Optimize listing configuration and pricing

  • Check in details

  • Messaging

  • Info sheet


Create a custom info sheet $50
– Map of immediate area with POI’s highlighted
– QR code for Wifi
– Your info into a template

Create custom check in email $50
– Photos detailing check in process, step by step


Setting up technology at your home $60/h

  • Doorbell

  • Door lock

  • Wifi SSID, easy to type passphrase

  • Configure accounts and setup mobile devices

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