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2024 Airbnb regulations for Calgary

It looks like the city is requiring hosts to have a floor plan to licence spaces now.

I am the Calgary area Airbnb photographer.

Another service we provide to realtors usually is creating floor plans with measurements.

We use an iGUIDE camera system with laser measuring to create floor plans and virtual tours.

Our rates start at $149 - $214

We can deliver the floor plans in under 24h

You can mark them up with any other information too, like smoke detectors and exits.

We also have had good success embedding the virtual tours onto airbnb profiles to give a full 360 view of each room of the home and outside too.

To book. Select either the real estate package to get photos /w drone photos, virtual tour and floor plan.

Or select RMS measurements for just a floor plan & virtual tour.

On June 6, 2023 Calgary City Council approved bylaw changes to the requirements for short-term rental business licences. Changes will come into effect on January 1, 2024 and will apply to new and renewing short-term rental licences.

The changes to the business licence requirements strengthens the accountability of short-term rental hosts and property owners, reduces negative impacts on the community and enhances the safety of guests. The bylaw changes reflect The City’s commitment to creating a fair and sustainable environment for all residents, visitors and businesses.

Key changes

All current and prospective short-term rental hosts are required to have a business licence to provide temporary accommodation for compensation. 

Key changes taking effect in January 2024 to the business licence requirements include:

  • A floor plan of the dwelling unit or portion of the dwelling unit offered must be provided, including: 

  • All rooms for rent, including all rooms offered as bedrooms or available for the purpose of sleeping (living rooms with a fold out couch for example)

  • Location of all smoke alarms and fire extinguishers

  • Location of fire exits

  • Dimensions of the rooms

  • Proof of ownership of the dwelling unit or written owner consent

  • If in a condo, also need written proof from the condo board that Short Term Rentals are permitted

  • Proof of Insurance indicating the location is operating as a business

  • Licence Inspector review

  • Annual fire inspections done by Calgary Fire Department will be required to ensure compliance with all life safety requirements

The bylaw changes reflect The City's commitment to creating a fair and sustainable environment for all residents, visitors and businesses. These amendments aim to strike a balance between enabling the economic benefits for short-term rentals and minimize the negative impacts on the community.

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