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What time should I book my photoshoot?

We get this question all the time for real estate photography!

I hope to shed some light on an answer in this blog post.

Depending on what you value the most about your home will determine what time we should book your shoot.

Most of the time we will prioritize the sun being on the front of the home when possible. But if you have an amaizing back yard we would want to prioritize that.

If you have a mountain view the best time to show off the mountains is when either the sun is shining on the face of them with the morning sun. You can also catch them at the sunset and show a silhouette.

Lets talk timing.

East facing home, we would want to shoot in the morning

West facing home, we would want to shoot later in the afternoon

South, we would want to shoot mid day.

North is tricky, most of the year you wouldnt get sun on the front. so its best to prioritize the back yard or back of the home. And shoot either morning or afternoon and avoid mid day or it will be heavily shadowed. We will do our best to light the front of the house in post processing regardless.

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