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Virtual Tour Calgary Photography is the official Calgary Airbnb photographer for over 12 years!

We don't just take the best natural looking verified Airbnb photos, we do photography for real estate MLS!

Add ons include custom 360 virtual tours, iGuide, Social Media Reels, Videography, RMS measurements, Drone Photography, 3D rendering and Virtual Staging

Serving Calgary, Okotoks, Canmore, Banff, Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane, Invermere, Radium

Google My Business Street View inside business Calgary_edited.jpg

Custom 360 Virtual Tours

During the current economic times it's critical to offer professional photos and virtual tours to keep your Google my Business up to date

Numerous studies show that people shop based on the photos they see online. This helps your local SEO

How do your photos compare to your competition?

Are they all submitted by customers?

We produce awesome social media video reels! 

$175 includes drone and narration if necessary. 

They make a great add on to our Real Estate Photography and iGuide packages. 

Reels help your SEO when used properly, they can be uploaded to Youtube, Instagram, TikTok etc.


Sony Alpha HDR Photography for Real estate in Calgary Airbnb

HDR Photography for Airbnb

Free drone photos included

$149 ~30 photos eg. apartments

$174 ~40 photos eg. a small townhome or small house

$199 ~50 photos eg. a medium townhome or family home

$214 ~60 photos eg. a large home 

*Drone photos are restriction & weather dependent

$175 add-on for ~90s Vertical Social Media Video Reel

iGuide floor plan navigation

iGuide Packages for realtors

HDR Photos, Drone Photos,

Virtual Tour & RMS Measurements


$269 Apartments up to 1200 sqft

$339 Homes up to 2000 sqft

$399 Homes up to 3000 sqft

$459 Homes up to 4000 sqft

Call for up Larger

*Include basement SQFT if you want it scanned*

$175 add-on for ~90s Vertical Social Media Video Reel

Google My Business Tours

Google My Business Tours for small businesses


up to 12 photos

up to 10 360 images

up to 3 Drone images

Airbnb detail photos Calgary

Just new to Airbnb and have no idea where to start?

Would you like to get more bookings? 

Don't know what you're missing?

Maybe it's the wrong location, maybe your price is too high?

Sign up with our referral link and

we will give you 2h free consulting!

key fob Calgary

Duplicate key fobs for building access

*$30 for one

*$50 for two

*When booked with a photoshoot*

$50 min charge when booked separate 
HID, AWID, IOPROX, KeyScan, etc

One for a backup, one for your cleaner, one for your spouse

Real Estate Photographer Calgary


Q: How long does it take to get my real estate or Airbnb photos back?

A: 24-36h depending on the size of the home, small and medium are usually the following morning, large spaces can be the following evening

Q: Are drone photos included in the photography?

A: Yes, all photo shoots include 3-5 drone photos *Dependent on weather of course

We are the only company that includes drone photos in every shoot we do

Q: How big are the photos?

A: We optimize the photos for best size and quality but not so big that you will have problems uploading to Airbnb or MLS /, we can also provide full size for print or other uses on request

If you are considering if you need to invest in a professional real estate photographer, consider the value that one can bring to your needs. Photos are the number one selling point for any home listed online for sale. Today’s buyer needs to see pictures to know if they should invest their time into visiting a property to learn more about what it has to offer. There are clear benefits to hiring a real estate photographer when it comes to your next listing.                     


What Can a Professional Real Estate Photographer Do for You?

A real estate photographer has the goal of providing you with clear images that provide details about the property that buyers want to see. Professionals choose the right angles to create the best view of the space while also making every room look appealing and welcoming. They also capture the details of the home that are beautiful, whether it’s the landscaping, the cross wood beams in the living room, or the brickwork.

In addition to this, when you hire a real estate photographer, you are likely to have more visitors to your open houses and more calls for showings. This may lead to more demand for the home and, ultimately, competition drives value. Plus, professional real estate photography shows you value your home and believe it’s valuable to anyone who visits it.


If you are looking for someone who specializes in real estate photography around Calgary, AB, contact Virtual Tour Calgary Photography. Our team is here to talk to you about the process. We can provide you with detailed information about what you can expect. Most importantly, you’ll find out why so many agents are recommending the use of a professional real estate photographer. Now is the perfect time to reach out to us with your questions or to schedule a consultation with our team. 


Virtual Tour Calgary Photography also does great daycare virtual tours and photos. Capturing spaces where children and educators work together is critical for parents to see before they commit to which daycare they chose. Contact us for a consultation today.

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