Virtual Tour Calgary Photography

Virtual Tour Calgary Photography Real Es

Brendan Harris is the official Calgary Airbnb photographer, he has taken photos of hundreds of listings. 

We don't just take the best verified Airbnb photos, we do photography for real estate MLS listings and even offer Virtual Staging for empty listings to show potential clients what the space could look like with furniture.

Virtual tours are now in high demand, not having a virtual tour may be holding your listings back

During the current economic times it's critical to offer professional photos and virtual tours to keep your Google my Business up to date

Numerous studies show that people shop based on the photos they see online.

How do your photos compare to your competition?

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Airbnb Consultations

Just new to Airbnb and have no idea where to start?

Would you like to get more bookings? 

Don't know what you're missing?

Maybe it's the wrong location, maybe your price is too high?

I can duplicate key fobs for building access

$30 for one

$50 for two
HID, IOPROX, KeyScan, etc

One for a backup, one for your cleaner, one for your spouse

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