Now a Turo host! Rent my Tesla for your next trip to Calgary, Banff, Jasper, Alberta

Updated: Oct 22

After years of success in the Airbnb space, I've expanded my operations into the Turo car rental space too, pairing high end homes with high end cars.

EV's are the only way forward for this planet so if you're curious about how they work or how they perform now is the time to try one! After test driving one at the Tesla Dealership I was hooked, I bought my first Tesla Model S P90D in August of 2021 and had it listed on Turo immediately after my photoshoot.

I also have a Model Y too now!

Turo guests are taking this car to Banff, Canmore, Jasper, Lake Louise for their Canadian staycations. The range on this car is amazing, for a 6 hour drive to my parents home in Salmon arm I would only need to stop once for 20 minutes to Charge. I'd usually stop half way to grab lunch anyway, so no problem!

The Supercharger network is the only one of it's kind making Tesla the ideal EV for investment. No other charger charges as fast or has as vast of a network. Superchargers usually have 6-8 stalls and are located near shopping areas and restaurants.

I find their spacing to be great, they are every 200kms in any direction usually and if you have a 400km+ range car you don't need to stop at each one, you can skip some.

Looking at the new charger locations all across BC and Alberta make me confident this is a go anywhere vehicle. Destination chargers have been great for guests parking at hotels, these are often free and get you that full overnight charge that you want to start your day with.

I've already saved hundreds of dollars in fuel because of this car.

To rent this car go over to my landing page which links to Turo.

2016 Tesla Model S P90D

Fully loaded with Ludicrous mode unlocked

Always connected to LTE for Nav & music

Ultra Hi-Fi Sound system

750hp 0-60mph in 2.6s

Carbon fibre interior

Free Supercharging

Highway auto pilot

Panoramic sunroof


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