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I am the official Airbnb Ambassador for Calgary now

As of November I am the official Airbnb Ambassador for Calgary.

My journey started in 2011 as an Airbnb Photographer in London, England taking photos of dozens of Airbnbs before the Olympics came to town.

I moved back to Canada in 2013 to Calgary my hometown and continued my work here.

In 2018 I became an Airbnb Plus photographer capturing the best of the best for Airbnb.

Since 2011 I've been in hundreds if not a thousand Airbnbs, I started taking note of what worked best and how some hosts became so good.

So in 2016 I started hosting in my spare room in my own home welcoming guests from all over the world. After our 10th review we became Superhosts and have received the reward every quarter. It has been an amazing experience, we have met people that have become life long friends. Helped people settle in Calgary and been on trips with them after!

In 2019 we opened our second Airbnb right beside our home and have been managing that throughout the Pandemic.

In 2020 we had our first child and don't host at our home anymore. But our other Airbnb is going strong. We transitioned to longer term stays and it has paid off.

With all of our knowledge we are now Airbnb ambassadors. We can help sign you up, help with profile and listing creation and even do the photos!

Using an Airbnb Ambassador is easy, just click on our link then send us an email! We will give you 1 hour free consulting, if you want to go with the full consultation package which will get you setup "turn-key" we will discount it by $100

What are you waiting for? Now is the best time to host.

How to start an Airbnb the right way
Airbnb Ambassador

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