Google my Business Package

Professional Photos are a must have for your Google my Business, Yelp and Google maps listings

With the Google my Business package I take 360 photos and normal photos of all aspects of your business. I upload them to Google My Business for you then build a street view style tour so visitors will be able to navigate inside your store freely.



Google my Business


Normal photos and 360 photos 

Bracketed and hand blended photos, adjusted colour casts and windows exposed appropriately.


Travel included surrounding Calgary


Turn around time: 24-48h


Uploaded to Google my Business for you

Restaurant Example

360 photos

Store front

Waiting area


Dinning room


Regular photos of all of the above areas plus

Food photos

Place setting detail shots

Team shots

Minimum $128

$12.80 ea 360 photo

$10 ea normal photo

$10 additional photoshop work, changing the sky, removing cables, adding grass etc.

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